• Meet Club Teen Jeffery Hunt, 18

    When I come after school, the staff asks me how my day was and how I’m doing. These questions help me realize how important I am at the Club.


    Jeffery, has been a Wheeler-Dowe Club kid for more than 10 years. Now, at age 18, he is the 2015 Indiana State Boys & Girls Clubs Youth of the Year; number 10 in his high school class; and a leader at his Club.

    At a very young age, he’s had to run from gang violence and witnessed neighboorhood crimes. For him, the Club is a second home where he knows the staff truly cares.

    Jeffery gets help with his homework during PowerHour and has received college scholarships through the Taco Bell Graduate For Más program and Boys & Girls Clubs. He plans to major in computer science and has already been accepted into several universities.

    “Overall, I have been blessed with the opportunity to escape my neighborhood and attend the Wheeler-Dowe Club,” said Jeffery. “Through the Club, I have gained the hope of becoming a successful person.”

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