Since 1893, Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis has affirmed that every young person deserves to live a life that is filled with hope and that offers limitless opportunity. Because we are dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of young people, we provide a safe, educational, nurturing, and positive atmosphere in which they can thrive, grow, and reach their full potential.

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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis is committed to ensuring that every young person has the opportunity to live a life that is filled with hope and opportunity. This starts with providing a safe place in which kids feel cared for and are treated kindly, respectfully, and equitably. The events of this past year and the emotional rollercoaster that ensued has shaken all our worlds, but especially those of the kids and families we serve.

This week’s guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial provided a small measure of justice for the Floyd family and for our nation. It also endowed a spirit of hope for our entire country and beyond – especially for our youth. While the verdicts that many had hope for were realized in this particular case, the realities of structural racism, discrimination, exclusion, and oppression continue. Race-based economic gaps still persist and we have much work to do in bridging them, as well as dismantling systemic racism. We are committed to doing so and to promoting social justice. We have new hope.

The entire staff and board of directors at Boys & Girls Club of Indianapolis will continue to be a unifying force within our community and to represent hope for all kids. We will continue to stand together with our young people and be trusted allies, caring adults, sounding boards, and advocates for every single child. We promise to keep courageous conversations going and to be an integral part of the solution and help support and amplify the positive efforts of many other organizations, individuals and leaders within our community. We will always be a safe and nurturing place, and we are hopeful this fact, combined with our collective and persistent work to achieve social justice, will result in even brighter futures for all our kids.