Meet Our Staff

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Chief Executive Officer

Maggie A. Lewis

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Senior Director of Club Operations

LeeAnn Harris

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Facilities Manager

Derek Mayer

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Director of Finance & Administration

Jeffrey D. Smith

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Human Resources/Office Manager

Deb Zachelmeyer

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Director of Community Based Programs

Rebecca James

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Director of Development and Marketing

LaNisha  Clark

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Annual Fund Manager

Maureen Parsons

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Donor Communications Manager

Michelle Foley

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Measurement and Evaluation Manager

Carolyn Higginbotham

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Service Programs Manager

Melissa Churchwell

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Foundation Giving Manager

Ayana N. Richardson

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Evening Reporting Center (ERC) Coordinator

Karla Brown

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Community Engagement Coordinator VISTA

Sarah Isenberg

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Marketing & Communications Coordinator VISTA

Jessica Dunson

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Juan Ongay, Unit Director

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Tialana Kastner, Program Director

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Daysha Beck, Education Director

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Margaret Busch, Graduate for Mas Counselor

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Michael Coleman, Unit Director

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Shane Hanley, Program Director

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Isia Williamson, Education Director

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Graduate For Mas Counselor

Kim Dehoney, Unit Director

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Zach Sigmund, Program Director

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Katrina Copley, Education Director

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Chandler Turner, Graduate for Mas Counselor

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Rob Rouse, Unit Director

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Jesse Wells, Program Director

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Steven Peters, Education Director

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Chywanda Walker, Graduate for Mas Counselor

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Traneisha English, Unit Director

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Bria Amons, Program Director

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William Stuart, Education Director

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Jessica Cochran, Graduate for Mas Counselor

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Pam Lozano, Site Director

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Angelo Perez, Senior Youth Development Professional

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Stephanie Hines, Site Director

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Lucas Snider, Senior Youth Development Professional

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Burt Beck, Site Director

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Andrew Conrad, Senior Youth Development Professional

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Ashley Turner, Site Director

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Burt Beck, Site Director

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