Meet Our Team

Admin TeamFinish Line ClubKeenan-Stahl ClubLegore ClubLilly ClubWheeler-Dowe ClubGlobal Preparatory Academy @ Riverside, IPS #44 ClubJonathan Jennings ClubLiberty Park ClubPleasant Run ClubRaymond Park Club

Maggie A. Lewis, MPA

Chief Executive Officer

    LeeAnn Harris, MSW

    Senior Director of Club Operations

      Burt Beck

      Director of Community Programs

        Fred W. Means, CPA

        Director of Finance & Administration

          Avachino Reeves

          Director of Development & Marketing

            Alexis Harrison

            Development & Marketing Manager

              Melissa Churchwell

              Service Programs Manager

                Carrie Selby

                Foundation Giving Manager

                  Carolyn Higginbotham

                  Measurement & Evaluation Specialist

                    Monique Allen

                    Assistant to the CEO

                      Derek Mayer

                      Facilities Manager

                        Karla Brown

                        Evening Reporting Center (ERC) Coordinator

                          Charles Petelka

                          Accountant Assistant 

                            Noah J. Sandel

                            Marketing & Communications Coordinator (AmeriCorps VISTA)

                              Tialana Kastner

                              Unit Director - Finish Line Club

                                George Gardner

                                Program Director - Finish Line Club

                                  Ebony Giles

                                  Education Director (AmeriCorps) - Finish Line Club

                                    Coming Soon

                                    Teen Director (AmeriCorps) - Finish Line Club

                                      Juan Ongay

                                      Unit Director - Keenan-Stahl Club

                                        Isia Williamson

                                        Program Director - Keenan-Stahl Club

                                          Aundrea Austin

                                          Education Director (AmeriCorps) - Keenan-Stahl Club

                                            Braa Elkhidir

                                            Teen Director (AmeriCorps) - Keenan-Stahl Club

                                              Micah Wilson

                                              ERC Coordinator 5 - Keenan-Stahl Club

                                                Kim Dehoney

                                                Unit Director - LeGore Club

                                                  Zach Sigmund

                                                  Program Director - LeGore Club

                                                    Katrina Copley

                                                    Education Director (AmeriCorps) - LeGore Club

                                                      Jessie Parsons

                                                      Teen Director (AmeriCorps) - LeGore Club

                                                        Nolan Schockman

                                                        ERC Coordinator 2 - LeGore Club

                                                          Brie Anderson

                                                          Unit Director - Lilly Club

                                                            Jesse Wells

                                                            Program Director - Lilly Club

                                                              Anna Savery

                                                              Education Director (AmeriCorps) - Lilly Club

                                                                Levi Wagner

                                                                Teen Director (AmeriCorps) - Lilly Club

                                                                  Lynnea Redmon

                                                                  Unit Director - Wheeler-Dowe Club

                                                                    Bria Amons

                                                                    Program Director - Wheeler-Dowe Club

                                                                      Adam Goodin

                                                                      Teen Director (AmeriCorps) - Wheeler-Dowe Club

                                                                        Coming Soon

                                                                        Education Director (AmeriCorps) - Wheeler-Dowe Club

                                                                          Pam Lozano

                                                                          Site Director - Global Prep Club

                                                                            Raevyn Robinson

                                                                            Senior Youth Development Professional - Global Prep Club

                                                                              Stephanie Wright

                                                                              Site Director - Jonathan Jennings Club

                                                                                Coming Soon

                                                                                Senior Youth Development Professional - Jonathan Jennings Club

                                                                                  Rob Rouse

                                                                                  Site Director - Raymond Park & Liberty Park Clubs

                                                                                    Andrew Conrad

                                                                                    Senior Youth Development Professional - Liberty Park Club

                                                                                      Tannor Campbell

                                                                                      Education Director (AmeriCorps) - Liberty Park & Raymond Park Clubs

                                                                                        Ashley Alexander

                                                                                        Site Director - Pleasant Run Club

                                                                                          Maggie Kelleher

                                                                                          Senior Youth Development Professional - Pleasant Run Club

                                                                                            Rob Rouse

                                                                                            Site Director - Raymond Park & Liberty Park Clubs

                                                                                              Brittani Buchanan

                                                                                              Senior Youth Development Professional - Raymond Park

                                                                                                Tannor Campbell

                                                                                                Education Director (AmeriCorps) - Liberty Park & Raymond Park Clubs

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