Why Give To The Clubs


Six hundred dollars ($600) provides one youth with a scholarship to participate in all activities at a Club during the entire school year.


$200 provides 1 kid with a full scholarship to summer camp


$100 pays for 1 kid to participate in a sports league


Forty dollars ($40) pays for one kid's membership to summer camp at the Clubs. This includes field trips, meals, arts, academic learning and more.


Ten dollars ($10) allows one youth to receive membership to the Clubs during the academic school year. Some kids cannot afford to pay this.

Your investment in Indy youth who need us most is an excellent way to help them reach their full potential.

While the cost for members to attend the Club is only $15 per school year, BGCI invests more than $600 per member. Your support provides not only a safe place with caring adults – you make life-enhancing programs possible.

You are providing opportunity to our young people to help them become caring, productive, responsible people.

Your investment will have a lasting impact in shaping Indy’s future citizens and leaders. Thank you for your kindness and support!